Sep 25, 2017
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Battle of Empires – UPDATE

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Battle of Empires – Update From march 24 -31, 2016, a very special event will visit the four kingdoms. Battle of Empires – Update Assemble your strongest troops and set out for glorious victories. Every glory point you earn in battle against other castle lords helps all the players and ...

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Update – Of Willows and Gems

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Welcome back! Check out what’s new in this Update: Do you desperately want to replace gems embedded in your equipment, but don’t want to lose the original precious jewel in the process? Eager to get to level 70 and lay siege to your enemies’ alliances? Then look no further! This update ...

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Update – Berimond invades the Great Empire

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  Fighting tooth and claw, the Battle for Berimond has always been a bloody affair. Leopold III and Grimbert are forever reluctant to call a permanent end to their war, standing by their views that they are the rightful heir to the Berimond throne. The Emperor called for a grand ball to ...

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Update – Architectural Advancements

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Check out what’s new in this Update: Make the buildings in your castle shine more brilliantly than ever before! with the new construction yard and build items, you can give many of your buildings a new look and permanently improve their production at the same time. Keep your researchers hard ...

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