Sep 25, 2017
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Tool exchange – useful tips

tool exchange display

Tool exchange: Do you know how to exchange or trade your stored tools with other players? Exchangin tools with other players is very easy in all kingdoms Here, i will give you some useful tips for tool exchange with other players in any kingdom. Tool Exchange in Green kingdom First of all you ...

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display  recruit

Do you know how to recruit Soldiers faster in barracks? In this post I will tell you different ways to recruit faster. Recruiting soldiers faster is useful every time, also while wars, events. There are different ways to recruit soldiers fast. Holding a Feast Hold a feast for your citizens! Soldier recruitment will be much ...

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Castellan from Ice ChampionShip

castellan display

In present days finding best castellan, which can defend your walls against strong commander attacks is very difficult. Many castellan equipments needs a lot of rubies to buy them from different offers by GGE. But One of the Best Defending castellan equipments can be achieved from Ice ChampionShip event, without spending any rubies. This event appears ...

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Samurai war – How to Attack

samurai display

In this topic we will tell you how to attack Samurai camp to get good result. Important Points Use mostly Ranged Attackers for such types of samurai camps Use commander with Ranged combat strength + Wall% + Gate Use Hero of NPC targets Wall and Gate Use Gems of Flanks + Front + Combat ...

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How to increase FOOD Production


There are different ways to increase your food production in all castles and outposts. 1. Build 12 farmhouse’s in your main castle. 17 farmhouse’s in each 8 food outpost. 2. Build as much public order as you can. the best way to do this is to build parks and castle ...

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