Sep 25, 2017
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Do you know how to recruit Soldiers faster in barracks? In this post I will tell you different ways to recruit faster. Recruiting soldiers faster is useful every time, also while wars, events. There are different ways to recruit soldiers fast. Holding a Feast Hold a feast for your citizens! Soldier recruitment will be much ...

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Desert Tower Level 61 strategy

desert tower

Do you want to Know how to get good result by attacking a Desert tower of maximum level ? We will tell you how to do that. By attacking and getting victory from a Desert tower of maximum level 61, you will always get good rewards. such as, 10-50 rubies, ...

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General information for attack


Attacking is important subject of this game.  Do not attack without a reason to castles. You better have good reason for attack. Attacking without reason can cause serious headaches after. Some Important points: To Attack RBC towers or any player’s Castle click on the enemy castle icon and select attack ...

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Understanding complete defenses

compelte defense

Setting the defense is art. And like any art requires 1% talent and 99% practice. Do not worry, practice. Setting the defense on the wall to make a custom attack. With a number of changes in the game cannot be clearly declare “Set it so and so and always win.” ...

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