Sep 25, 2017
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Defense Basics

defense basic

DEFENSE BASICS: In all incoming attacks, you will check at least the following things: types of tools used (wall tools or ranged, gate, moat), their quality (ordinary, ruby or armorer) and quantity. the bonuses of the commander (never forget to check -wall%, -gate% and -moat%) and the effect of gems ...

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Defense report 1

battle report ehs

This Defense report is from our Leader: EhsanMughal Alliance: HB Black Shadow GGE international 1 Defense:  VICTORY Castellan value Commander value Castellan Gems effects Courtyard battle detail Overview of complete battle Attack and Defense tools + soldiers at first wave Front Attack and Defense tools + soldiers at second wave Front Attack ...

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General Information for Defense

general defense

There is always a danger of an attack on your castle. So you must be well defended for any in-coming attacks to your castle. To make sure you are well defended, you should observe the following: Seek protection in an alliance, Alliance members can send each other support troops, thus ...

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Understanding complete defenses

compelte defense

Setting the defense is art. And like any art requires 1% talent and 99% practice. Do not worry, practice. Setting the defense on the wall to make a custom attack. With a number of changes in the game cannot be clearly declare “Set it so and so and always win.” ...

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