Sep 25, 2017
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Battle of Empires – UPDATE

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Battle of Empires – Update From march 24 -31, 2016, a very special event will visit the four kingdoms. Battle of Empires – Update Assemble your strongest troops and set out for glorious victories. Every glory point you earn in battle against other castle lords helps all the players and ...

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Battle – Killer Attack – EhsanMughal

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Battle – Killer Attack by EhsanMughal Safely stationed Attackers in the castle are killed Just by few Attackers. Battle Details: A castle 550 clicks away from the attacker in Great empire. 3527 Attackers were safely stationed in that castle. But a surprise Attack of 617 Attackers made that castle empty after ...

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Tool exchange – useful tips

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Tool exchange: Do you know how to exchange or trade your stored tools with other players? Exchangin tools with other players is very easy in all kingdoms Here, i will give you some useful tips for tool exchange with other players in any kingdom. Tool Exchange in Green kingdom First of all you ...

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