Sep 25, 2017
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Update – Equipment gifts – More travel speed – Extra bonus



Through the chaos and the carnage during the Spring Festival night there is now this week at the time to get some air. Therefore, the update this week will contain only a few minor changes and improvements. New levels of the watchtowers, interesting new items in gifts distributors and a brand new addition in the maintenance screen. Read on!


Update: Donated equipment


A new shipment has arrived at dealers Gifts! You can now your alliance members a helping hand with equipment and help you with Experience Points boosters to move faster! Time rusty old blade rauszuhauen!
• equipment can now be purchased from the dealer and gifts given to alliance members
• Should the player, which you would like to donate the item, have no place in the inventory, the operation is canceled. So no gift is lost.
• There will be further booster for experience points. So you can help your friends to achieve faster higher level


Update: New levels of watchtowers


Tired of slow attacks of your enemies your guards have decided to increase and to build a larger watchtower.
• The Watchtower will now have 10 instead of 5 Levels
• Each level is a 10% bonus on offer earlier detection of an incoming attack
• Your CURRENT watchtower level is adjusted to the change. (The bonus will be adjusted, for example, Level 5 watchtowers automatically become Level 10 watchtowers)


Further changes

• The maintenance screen will have from now on a button, you get on the right forum
• Banner that give a bonus to experience points, will now be available from the arms dealer
• The attack planning window is optimized to display more effects
• Some Berimond tools have received an improvement in the effects


we hope you like it!

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