Sep 25, 2017
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Outpost – How to manage its design


Managing outpost design in a good way is very important when you need to have more food for feeding more soldiers easily.

Here we will give you some easy tips to design it for get most of its benefit.

  • 8 Food outpost: It is very useful for maximum food production. We recommend it for all players.

How to manage outposts design

OUTPOST design by Roby1


  • First of all change the view of outposts from Construction > Hide all buildings. It helps to place your buildings easily by covering all the space in the outposts.
  • Select one side of outposts for placing Food buildings and second side for other necessary buildings.
  • Build maximum 16 farm houses / granary in 8 food outposts. because increasing numbers of these buildings will give very less food production and consume more space.
  • fill up the rest space with parks/gardens or other decoration items which are equal to garden size. place them as given in the outpost design picture.
  • Do not build stone/wood producing buildings in food outposts if you are a regular looting attacker. all the need of wood and stone can be covered by looting easily.
  • Do not build any dewelling or town houses in food outposts, that can decrease your food production.

You will get a very good food production if you will follow the design given in the picture.

Happy Hunting !

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  1. Hey,

    17 farms at 8 food op too much you shouldn’t go under the 13%.

    this is what i have. without hutnign lodge and other boosting except resarch it does 3779 food/h 743 stone/h and has a po of 262% (6523 points)

  2. Nadun Rathnayaka

    The design doesn’t gives much space for decos.I know the best one.

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