Sep 25, 2017
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Battle – Killer Attack – EhsanMughal

Battle – Killer Attack by EhsanMughal

Safely stationed Attackers in the castle are killed Just by few Attackers.

Battle Details:

A castle 550 clicks away from the attacker in Great empire. 3527 Attackers were safely stationed in that castle. But a surprise Attack of 617 Attackers made that castle empty after 17 minutes of travel time.




  • How that Attack did not appeared early to the defender?
  • Why the defender or thier alliance members could not defend it?

we will tell you the technic for such attacks.



Tips for making such Attacks:

  • Commander with 90% Later Detection and 80% Travel speed.
  • Hero with 13% extra Later Detection.
  • Attackers that travels more faster. We used samurai attackers which have speed of 50
  • Stable level 3 90% faster Horses.

These special effects of Commander makes your Attack very late appear for the defender. If your attack is taking 17 minutes travel time so it will appear less than 2 minutes horn to the defender.

Attack Horn appearing depends on defender’s castellen also. If defender used early detection so the attack will appear earlier according to his percentage.

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