Sep 25, 2017
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Events are the camps, which appear near your castles occasionally and permanent. Most events appear only near your main castle in the Great Empire, but others appear near your outposts and in other worlds.
These camps are part of events and allow you to fight for various different championships. You can participate in over and can earn many rewards, achievements through these events. 
The list of events are given below:

Festival Events

  • Armorer
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • The techniques
  • Renegade Spy
  • Travelling Merchants
  • Special Offer
  • Shadow Mercenary
  • Marauders Camp
  • Renegades Camp
  • Equipment Trader
  • Architect
  • Plague Camp
  • Barterer
  • Gift Peddler’s Wagon
  • Prime Time
  • Researchers Camp

Championship Events

Permanent Camps

  • Native Villages
  • Wishing Well
  • Monument of Friendship
  • Mercenary Post
  • Bonus Resources
  • Guardian of Nobility


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