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Berimond invasion in our kingdom

berimond event display

The emperor invited both of the berimond kings to our kingdom. This clearly was not a good idea.. the two rivals have now set up camps and declared war on each other on our kingdom! Defeat Berimond camps to earn gallantry points for you and your alliance. Gain reputation with berimond ...

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Update – Of Willows and Gems

update display

Welcome back! Check out what’s new in this Update: Do you desperately want to replace gems embedded in your equipment, but don’t want to lose the original precious jewel in the process? Eager to get to level 70 and lay siege to your enemies’ alliances? Then look no further! This update ...

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battle Attack 1 elmoro

elmoro attack display

Battle for Glory points  This Attack report is from: elmoro Alliance: HB Black Shadow GGE international 1     Tips: Use Horsetail flags to get more Glory points Use required tools only in first two slots where defenders are posted on the wall and fill up rest slots, waves with glory ...

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Castellan from Ice ChampionShip

castellan display

In present days finding best castellan, which can defend your walls against strong commander attacks is very difficult. Many castellan equipments needs a lot of rubies to buy them from different offers by GGE. But One of the Best Defending castellan equipments can be achieved from Ice ChampionShip event, without spending any rubies. This event appears ...

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Update – Berimond invades the Great Empire

New Update Display

  Fighting tooth and claw, the Battle for Berimond has always been a bloody affair. Leopold III and Grimbert are forever reluctant to call a permanent end to their war, standing by their views that they are the rightful heir to the Berimond throne. The Emperor called for a grand ball to ...

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Samurai war – How to Attack

samurai display

In this topic we will tell you how to attack Samurai camp to get good result. Important Points Use mostly Ranged Attackers for such types of samurai camps Use commander with Ranged combat strength + Wall% + Gate Use Hero of NPC targets Wall and Gate Use Gems of Flanks + Front + Combat ...

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Nomad Event

nomad camp

What is Nomad event? Nomad is a Great event which brings very usefull rewards with it. During this event players can fight against nomad camps located at green map near main castle, each player have 4 targets and each target have 10 levels to increase.  Nomad Camp: Upon defeating a Nomad Camp ...

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Nomad Tips

Nomad tip display

Tip 1 For all level players to get good result. Always get spy report before attacking nomad camps. Use Ranged attackers only to attack all type of nomad camps. Use Commander – Ranged combat strength% + Wall% + Gate% Tip 2 Try to make all nomad camps at high level then select ...

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