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Military Hospital


Military Hospital A portion of all troops that are lost during battle will be automatically admitted to the Hospital as wounded till there is space. There you will be able to heal these injured units. Treating units in the Hospital is cheaper than hiring new units, but also requires more ...

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Equipment Inventory


Equipment Inventory It is storage for equipments, gems and Heroes. we can have only limited numbers of equipments, gems and Heroes in this inventory.   Always make sure that your equipment inventory is not full because in case of a fast defense set up you cannot redesign (change the equipment ...

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Defense Basics

defense basic

DEFENSE BASICS: In all incoming attacks, you will check at least the following things: types of tools used (wall tools or ranged, gate, moat), their quality (ordinary, ruby or armorer) and quantity. the bonuses of the commander (never forget to check -wall%, -gate% and -moat%) and the effect of gems ...

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