Sep 25, 2017
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Best commanders for Ranged and Melee soldiers

Commanders are used in Attacks. It’s equipment effects increases the power for attacks.

There are 12 types of commanders, in this post we are telling you how to equip and manage 1-2-3 commanders.

According to our experience, unbeatable commanders are

Commander 1 – 2 – 3
Best for ranged and melee soldiers.


  1. Ranged combat strength  (Increases power of ranged attackers)
  2. Melee combat strength  (Increases power of melee attackers)
  3. Longer to detect  (attacking army will detect later to enemy)
  4. Travel speed  (Increases travel speed of the army)
  5. Wall reduction  (Reduces wall protection of enemy)
  6. Moat reduction  (Reduces moat protection of enemy)
  7. Gate reduction  (Reduces gate protection of enemy)

– Increase troop limits on front  (for commander 1)
– Increase troop limits on flanks  (for commander 2)
– Increase combat strength of attackers in courtyard  (for commander 1,2,3)
This type of commander is useful to defeat all types of enemies.

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