Sep 25, 2017
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How to get Coins

Coins are very important part of this game. They are used mostly for recruiting units, for attacks, travelling soldiers, espoinage and transporting resources.
There are different ways to obtain/collect coins

  1. Collecting taxes from tax collector
  2. Bribe tax collector
  3. By attacking RBC and NOMAD/SAMURAI
  4. By defeating enemy attacks
  5. By selling equipment
  6. Exchanging Coal, Olive groves and glass for coins

1. Collecting taxes from tax collector:
Dwellings are used to increase population in your castle and population gives you coins as taxes, the larger your population the more taxes you can get. But do not rely only on dwellings for getting coins.

Dwellings also reduce the public order and therefore reduces production of resources.

2. Bribe tax Collector:

when you bribe a tax collector it increases income from coins and prevents it from disappearing.

3. By attacking RBC and NOMAD/SAMURAI:

Robber baron castles (RBC)  and Nomad/Samurai camps are one of your main income source for coins. By attacking them you can get alot of coins daily.
All kingdoms have different levels of rbc towers. 

More high level towers defeated will give you more coins.

4. By defeating enemy attacks:

Whenever you will defeat attacks of enemy while defending your castle/outposts or supporting your team members, you will get coins bonuses for each victory.

5. By selling equipment:

You can sell useless equipment for coins by putting them in this box. It is located left side of forge icon.

6. Exchanging Coal, Olive groves and glass for coins:

You can also buy coins from Native villages in ice, desert and fire kingdoms. You can see the cost of coins in given image.

  1. Buy coins with coal in ice kingdom’s native village.
  2. Buy coins with olive groves in desert kingdom’s native village.
  3. Buy coins with glass in fire kingdom’s native village.


  • Attack rbc towers and Nomad/Samurai event camps so you can earn more than 5 million coins every week.
  • Use only resources tools to attack rbc towers
  • Hire marauder to increase +20% loot for coins
  • Create minimum 5 camps in each kingdom for production of coal, olive grove and glass.

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