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How do you Improve public order

Public order basically represents the general mood of the population at your castle and outposts.
In this topic we will know what is importance of public order and how we can improve it.

Importance of public order:

Public order increases production of resources and also increases recruiting speed of units and tools.

How to improve public order:

You can improve your public order by adding decorative items and increasing defenses.

Population in dwellings and damaged buildings can decrease your public order.
Each castle has its own public order value. It is calculated by adding values of all decorative items and defenses/towers then subtract the population and unrest/fires.

Decorative item + Defenses/towers – Population – Unrest = xxx

Tips for improving public order:

  • If you are not rich ruby buyer then Build maximum castle gardens in all castle/outposts, it will unlocked at castle level 50. These are highest p.o items which can built with resources.
  • if you are less than level 50 then you can build parks. these are second good items for p.o.
  • If you are less than level 35 player then build theaters only.
  • Do not build dwellings in main castle, if you already built them before, you can demolish them.
  • Also do not build dwellings in all outposts, select only 1 outpost for dwellings where you dont need many soldiers.
  • If you will have no dwellings you will not get coins from taxes, but do not worry, you can get coins from other ways also.

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