Sep 25, 2017
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Armor tools defense for Left and Front

Two sides defense. how to use armor defense tools on Front and one flank.

You will like to know how to get good result by using front and one flank defense with armor tools. So read this post and have a try on it.

This type of defense can be used sometimes acording to incoming attack strength, when you are online.
In this defense you can see we used left and front to defend the attacks. Also we used minimum 12 tools in each slot.

At Front Arrow slits are used in 3 slots and Machicolation in 1 slot and Portcullis on 2 gate slots. At left flank Arrow slits are used in 2 slots and Machicolation in 2 slots.
And deployment of soldiers on left flanks 40% and on Front 60%

Unit distribution ratio can be used mostly (given on image)
65% melee and 35% ranged
65% ranged and 35% melee 

You can use Fire moat for moat protection.


  • Do not use this defense when you are offline.
  • Use this defense against normal attacks only.
  • 4 tools needed in each slot for defending 1 full attack.
  • If you have 3 slots at one flank then use 2 slots for Arrow slits and 1 for Machicolation, same for front.
  • Using minimum 12 tools in each slot will assure you that you have enough tools to defend 3 full attacks at same time.
  • If you will stop the attack at 2 sides of wall then you will get +30% bonus to fight in courtyard.


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